The North Carolina Industrial Commission has released updated instructions for employers, carriers, and third party administrators completing the IC File Number Field when filing documents electronically. This new protocol streamlines the filing process, allowing documents to be submitted even without an assigned IC file number. The Industrial Commission has advised that Employers/Carriers/TPAs/Counsel should now:

  1. Use the IC file number if available.
  2. If no IC file number has been assigned, use the Jurisdiction Claim Number (JCN) received after filing a First Report of Injury (FROI).

The instruction to use the JCN when an Industrial Commission File Number has not yet been assigned aims to facilitate smoother electronic filing processes for all parties involved in workers’ compensation claims. While this will help allow documents to be filed promptly, it will also likely remove the defense to late filing of forms/documents because no Industrial Commission File Number has been assigned yet. We have more detailed instructions related to the Industrial Commission’s instructions available here. For more detailed information or assistance with electronic filings, please contact one of our workers’ compensation attorneys.