Like many young people, Jacob was unsure of which career path he would pursue. That all changed early in his undergraduate days at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. While at college, one of Jacob’s close family friends was assaulted in their dormitory. As Jacob watched his friend go through the legal system and helped his loved one navigate the justice system, he decided to go to law school and become an attorney with the promise to advocate for his client’s interests to the best of his ability and guide them through the difficult waters that the law often is. With his friend’s experience always on his mind and through his own personal motivation, Jacob advocates for his clients in civil litigation matters as an associate attorney at Hedrick Gardner.

When Jacob decided to attend Campbell University School of Law, he approached it with the same passion and dedication that he provides to clients. While at Campbell Law, Jacob served as the Chief Justice of Cambell’s Honor Court as well as Vice President of Lambda Law where he collaborated with faculty and staff to strengthen diversity in recruitment initiatives, sought increased applications from LGBTQ+ members, and created a community that was truly reflective of the student body. In addition to developing his leadership skills while in law school, Jacob worked on his legal skills by interning at several North Carolina law firms during his summers that helped strengthen his skills in civil litigation.

When not advocating for clients in court or counseling them in private, Jacob enjoys reading, practicing hot yoga, discovering new restaurants, spending time with his friends and family, and vacationing in his favorite cities: Duck, North Carolina and New York City, New York. As a proud gay man, he also volunteers his time to LGBTQIA+ organizations within the community in efforts to bring queer representation to the forefront of the political landscape.