Collage of ten Hedrick Gardner employees


Hedrick Gardner hires lateral attorneys as well as entry-level associates to support our client’s needs in North and South Carolina.  Our attorneys handle cases and have client contact as soon as they demonstrate the ability to do excellent work.  Both laterals and entry-level associates work with a partner and mentor who helps integrate them into the firm and prepares them for the work at hand.  Excellent candidates will demonstrate experience in their practice area and a passion for the work.  Skill in oral argument and legal writing is a must, as is excellent customer service.  Each candidate is expected to be licensed in the state where the position is located.


Evaluations are an important tool utilized for the personal and professional growth of the associate and the firm. Therefore, formal evaluations are provided on an annual basis. Associates also receive feedback throughout the year from the attorneys for whom they work.


The firm recognizes the importance of training its new attorneys with practical skills to be used in the office and the courtroom. Therefore, all new attorneys participate in an extensive orientation and training program. Additionally, the firm conducts seminars to further hone litigation skills. Finally, firm-wide meetings are held on a regular basis to review trial schedules and discuss changes in the law.

Our attorneys thrive as they work with supportive partners and administrators who invest in their professional development, all while providing first-rate legal representation to their long-term clients.

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